Episode 3   Lie

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 Not only has he become Houhou’s servant, but now his roommate is calling him suspicious! Just as everything’s going against him, Soran gets a friend request for a social network on his phone. And it’s from a cute girl! Soran gets excited, but Houhou tells him there’s someone she wants him to meet that evening. Soran wants to go on his date, so he ignores his master’s phone call. The girl who appears at the meeting spot is Kenken, who is as cute as her picture, and very kind as well. Meanwhile, Houhou is with Josan, who she was supposed to introduce to Soran that night. Infuriated, she uses GPS technology to track him, saying that she’ll need to give him a very harsh lesson. What will happen with Soran’s date? Will Houhou find him? What will happen next?

Chou Soran:
Tamaru Atsushi
Fuu Houhou:
Hayami Saori
Jo San:
Nojima Kenji
Ryu Kenken:
Asai Ayaka
Chou Shakurin:
Miyazawa Tadashi
Hikasa Yoko
Lo Ryu:
Miyake Marie