Episode 2   Master and Servant

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 The morning after the zombie attack, Soran returns to college. Houhou tells him that she’ll be going to the same college he is, and he asks her to show him the power he used to fight the zombies. Soran was only joking, but Houhou takes out her knife and attacks him. Soran refuses to fight back, but he remembers his grandfather’s words: now is the time to use the power that his father, Yotoku, made him practice when he was young. Something envelopes Soran’s body. As the two of them fight, Roryou, who has taken the form of a young boy, and the zombies who defiled the graves are gathering in an abandoned building somewhere. At their feet is Shakurin’s body. A beautiful woman named Natsuka appears as well. Now, Soran has no choice but to fight, and Natsuka, Roryou, and the Zombies are beginning to ct as well. What did Shakurin leave to Soran when he died? And what will Soran do now that he remembers Shakurin’s words?

Chou Soran:
Tamaru Atsushi
Fuu Houhou:
Hayami Saori
Chou Shakurin:
Miyazawa Tadashi
Chou Yotoku:
Yamamoto Kanehira
Hikasa Yoko
Lo Ryu:
Miyake Marie