Opening Theme Song


  1. Lyrics: Kyouka (鏡華)
  2. Composition: Rin (凛)
  3. Arranger: Lilith
  4. Song: Lilith

Artist Profile

Visual Kei band from Shanghai (China)Lilith

Active since 2012 as a Chinese Visual Kei Rock Band, Lilith’s members are composed of : Vocal鏡華(Kyouka), Guitar.凛(Rin), Bass.修羅(Shura), Drums.楽(Raku). As they sing in Chinese, their musics incorporate various elements making them Shanghai’s representative band.

Ending Theme Song

Affective Synergy「In the Dawn」

  1. Lyrics: Lin (凛)
  2. Composition: Lin (凛)
  3. Arranger: Affective Synergy
  4. Song: Affective Synergy

Artist Profile


The guitarist Lin(凛)'s bandAffective Synergy

Born in China but raised in Japan, Lin is a Visual Kei guitarist.

He started his music career in Osaka in 2006 then launched his own label Grows Independent Music in 2011. In the same year, he started “Affective Synergy

In 2012, he formed the Visual Kei band 'Lilith' in Shanghai (China) with the ambition that its music reach people all over the world

Lilith's main composer, he also composed music for other artists.